Mixtape #144

There’s be no better way to kick off the year than with a very special selection of tracks handpicked by Sunda Arc, the duo of brothers Nick Smart and Jordan Smart, who are also famed as two thirds of jazz trio Mammal Hands. With two albums and one EP under their belt, Sunda Arc take in influences from techno, electronica, neo-classical, jazz and post-rock. Their shared love of electronic and dance music runs deep, and they seamlessly blend electronic and acoustic instrumentation, blurring the distinction between the two and creating a synergy between both digital and analogue sounds. We're ecstatic to unveil their mixtape, mirroring their vast influences. Press play and enjoy.

  1. Need for Storms – Clast
  2. 暗号零 – 虚空 [VILL4IN]
  3. Skee Mask – Rev 8617 [Ilian Tape]
  4. Mad Zach & Yunis – Moro Cut [Mad Lab]
  5. Clams Casino – All I Need [Type]
  6. Tirzah – Devotion (feat Coby Sey) [Domino]
  7. Malibu – Camargue [Joyful Noise]
  8. Bicep – Sundial [Ninja Tune]
  9. Andrea – Track QY [Ilian Tape]
  10. The Revolutionaries – Kunta Kinte (Version One) [Pressure Sounds / Channel One]
  11. Digital Mystikz – Misty Winter [Soul Jazz Records]
  12. Machinedrum – Gunshotta [Ninja Tune]
  13. Sky H1 – Elysian Heights [AD 93]
  14. AYYA – Second Mistake [Pan]

Mixtape #78

Captained by the incredibly talented pianist and composer Neil Cowley, with long time band mates drummer Evan Jenkins and bass player Rex Horan, Neil Cowley Trio have only just put out their outstanding, thrilling and cinematic sixth album, Spacebound Apes. A long time favourite here at CTD, we couldn't hope for a better way to end the year than having Neil pick this month's mixtape. You're in for a treat! Press play to unwrap.