Ahleuchatistas share first single from upcoming album Arrebato

Ahleuchatistas - Arrebato

We haven’t heard from Asheville’s Ahleuchatistas since their 2012 album Heads Full of Poison. The good news is the duo of Shane Perlowin and Ryan Oslance have recently announced its follow-up, Arrebato, which means ‘passionate outburst’ in Spanish. The six pieces on the album “channel recollections of a natural kinship the band struck up with a number of communities they played to” whilst on tour in Iberia in 2014, notes the press release. “The resulting story threads together a suite of lyrical instrumentals showing a deepening meticulousness for structure—elastic and labyrinthine”.
Arrebato is due out on October 30th via International Anthem but we can already hear a taste of what they’ll be throwing at us with the might first single ‘Power With’. Listen to it below and then check out at the album’s trailer.

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