Mixtape #69 by Fold


Leeds based quartet Fold makes music that is socially conscious and resonates with the world's issues, struggles and injustices. Also, it's groovy as hell! As this mixtape shows, they're inspired by a variety of different genres, from jazz, downtempo and hip-hop to funk and psychedelic rock. We still can't put down their debut album which was one of our picks of 2015. So it's with great pleasure that we present this month's mixtape with songs handpicked by Fold's frontman Seth Mowshowitz:

"The selection of tracks is very personal and reflects what I believe is the highest bar of emotional expression in my own experience of music. Each one is an indelible part of my history and I can clearly remember everything about the moment I heard them for the first time. They have without exception stood the test of time remaining utmost in my musical affections."

  1. Broadcast‎ – I Found the F [Warp]
  2. Silvio Rodriguez – Sueño con Serpientes [Egrem]
  3. Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Road Without an End [Warner Bros. Records]
  4. Burt Bacharach – This Guy’s In Love With You [A&M]
  5. Jimi Hendrix – Castles Made of Sand [Track Record / Reprise]
  6. The Pogues – I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Every Day [Stiff Records]
  7. Milton Nascimento – Anima [Ariola]
  8. Toquinho & Vinícius – A Tonga Da Mironga Do Kabuletê [RGE Discos]
  9. Os Novos Baianos – Acabou Chorare [Som Livre]
  10. Olodum – Magalenha
  11. James Brown – Make It Funky [Polydor]
  12. Sly & The Family Stone – You Caught Me Smilin’ [Epic]
  13. The Meters – A Message from The Meters [Josie Records]
  14. Milton Nascimento – San Vicente [Odeon]
  15. Caetano Veloso – O Leãozinho [EMI]
  16. The Bulgarian Voices Angelite with Huun-Huur-Tu – Legend [Shanachie]
  17. Broadcast – You and Me In Time [Warp]

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