Mixtape #148


June is here and what better way to set the mood than with our monthly mixtape, this time round kindly curated by Belgian quartet Echoes of Zoo, who released last month an electrifying and exhilarating second album, Speech of Species. Founded by multi-instrumentalist and composer Nathan Daems, and also comprising Bart Vervaeck, Lieven Van Pée and Falk Schrauwen, the band experiments with a dense jungle of sounds and influences as diverse as psychedelic jazz, Eastern and Balkan sounds, West African grooves, dub and rock, with a punk attitude underpinning their approach to music. We’re ecstatic they put together this amazing genre-spanning mix, giving nods to the impressive diversity of influences at play in their music.

  1. Danyel Waro – Aneil [Cobalt]
  2. Ramiro Musotto – Majno Ma Bi [Los Años Luz Discos / Hélico]
  3. Black Flower – Deep Dive Down [Sdban Ultra]
  4. Orchestra Gold – Mako Diyara
  5. Echoes of Zoo – Different Frequencies [W.E.R.F.]
  6. Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force – Lamb Ji (feat. Mbene Diatta Seck) [Ndagga]
  7. Echoes of Zoo – Bee Jive [W.E.R.F.]
  8. Trance Plantations – Itinerary for a Blood Cell [W.E.R.F.]
  9. The Comet Is Coming – Birth of Creation [Impulse!]
  10. STUFF. – Slug [Sdban Ultra]
  11. Black Flower – Worshipper (Origami 3) [Zephyrus]
  12. Trance Plantations – It’s Alive
  13. Antonis Diamantidis Dalgas – Tis Xenitias O Ponos

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