Hackney Colliery Band share cover of Three Trapped Tigers’ ‘Cramm’

Hackney Colliery BandSharpener, the third album from East London’s nine-piece brass band Hackney Colliery Band came out to wide acclaim just last week. As we had already mentioned, the album features original songs as well as some unusual covers. The mighty ‘Cramm’ off Three Trapped Tigers’ 2011 debut album is one of the songs that has been given a unique brassy spin. The result is a monstrous beast of a song you’ll want to hear over and over again. Here it is.

Mixtape #72

With a new month comes a new guest mixtape, this time from Brighton's quintet Calico. The band, a set of incredible musicians complementing each other perfectly, bring together an extensive range of musical genres to create a unique and exhilarating sound. Their intricate compositions incorporate elements of jazz, electronica, folk, math-rock and classical to name a few. And reflecting this healthy eclecticness, the mix they've compiled for us is a gift that keeps on giving, filled to the brim with incredible picks.


Three Trapped Tigers unleash interactive video for new cut ‘Engrams’

THREE TRAPPED TIGERS - EngramsWith less than a month to go until the release of Three Trapped Tigers‘ highly anticipated somophore album, Silent Earthling, they’ve shared a new track, ‘Engrams’, in the form of an interactive video made by Chris Boyle. In the video, Boyle created a new dimension bringing the album’s artwork to life. Here’s what he had to say about the effort:

“The user is translocated to a sinclair-esque metavoid inspired by the seminal work of Dr. Lawrence Angelo but better encapsulated by unicode symbol U+1F611 and the theatre of the macabre, from which it takes both the dance and accent. In a technically unreal sense it holds up a mirror to the viewer to create a mute terrestrial post-simian character.”

Head over to the album’s website to experience the absolute glorious beast of a song that is ‘Engrams’ in its interactive version. And if you just can’t wait, the regular video is below. Press play already and grab Silent Earthling when it drops on April 1st via Superball Music.

Three Trapped Tigers return with second album Silent Earthling and announce UK tour

Three Trapped Tigers- Silent EarthlingStop whatever you’re doing for some long-awaited news: Three Trapped Tigers have a new album on the way, their first since their 2011’s mighty debut Route One or Die. Entitled Silent Earthling, the effort arrives on April 1st via Superball Music.
The trio may not have released an album in nearly five years, but they have been busy with a multitude of other unique projects, stellar collaborations and touring, all of which helped to shape the new album. They were part of an electro-orchestral, multi-media reworking of Joy Division material, played Goldie’s album Timeless at the Royal Festival Hall, performed the Blade Runner soundtrack, and have also played with bands like Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan, to name a few. Whilst writing Silent Earthling, Three Trapped Tigers worked with Underworld’s Karl Hyde and Brian Eno, whose ‘Oblique Strategies’ cards were employed and proved instrumental in “forcing the group out of their comfort zones”, as the label describes.
“I think the problem for anyone striving to create their own sound is, once you – hopefully – have achieved that, how do you expand that whilst maintaining it?”, said guitarist and keyboard player Matt Calvert. “Some of the tunes are quite aggressive, some are poignant, some are just dumb, rocking fun… I guess we have tried to refine our sound whilst keeping it vital and exciting.”

We had the immense privilege to see them perform the entire album from beginning to end in a special show in London last June, which makes us all the more anxious to get our hands on Silent Earthling. Luckily, the band have shared the first single to be taken from the record, the monumental title track. Here it is.

To celebrate the album’s release, Three Trapped Tigers have also announced a run of dates across the UK beginning mid April in Glasgow and including a show in London at Scala on April 28th. See the full run of dates below.


Mixtape #36

Using a drum kit each and an array of synths, Brighton based duo AK/DK are inspired and vociferous crafters of improvised electronic music. This month they put together an unrivaled mix of tracks you either know or oughta know, showcasing their wide-ranging influences.


Three Trapped Tigers bundle up sold out EPs for new album due out in March

London outfit Three Trapped Tigers released their debut monster album Route One or Die last year via Blood and Biscuits (May 30th 2011).

Ahead of the album, the extremely talented trio had released three limited edition EPs between 2008 and 2010. EP1 came out in 2008, EP2 in 2009 and EP3 in 2010.
They all sold out and the label decided to remaster all the tracks from the three EPs and release them in one album “mapping the 3 year evolution of the UK’s most forward thinking and exciting bands”.
Numbers: 1-13 will be out on March 5th and pre-order is now available here.

To celebrate the release, Three Trapped Tigers announced a short UK tour of intimate gigs where they’ll play Numbers: 1-13 from start to finish.

Get a taste from all the three EPs below.