Mixtape #146


For anyone late to the party, TUKAN are Andrea Pesare (guitar), Nathan Van Brande (bass), Samuel Marie (keys) and Tommaso Patrix (drums). Known for their intoxicating live shows and a unique and heady brew of electronic music, jazz and post-rock, the four Brussels musicians have been garnering widespread acclaim. Last year TUKAN released Atoll, an adventurous, exhilarating and groove-heavy debut album that left us awestruck. Atoll represents a band with an undeniable improvisational synergy in their music. Needless to say we were ecstatic when the band agreed to take time out to create this amazing mix for us, scratching the surface of their influences.

  1. VAAGUE – Raakma [Shapes No Frame]
  2. Planet Opal – Additional Informations [Dischi Sotterranei]
  3. Echt – Dunes [Sdban Ultra]
  4. Jean-Paul Groove – Ex Drummer
  5. Jojo Mayer – Loot [BNS Records]
  6. Soulwax – Essential Four [Deewee / [pias]]
  7. Lander & Adriaan – Bomsi [BMM Records]
  8. Hihats In Trees – Sun Salutations [Paxico Records]
  9. Le Motel – Shaolin (feat. Magugu) [XXIII]
  10. Ivy Lab – Cake [20/20 LDN]
  11. Mono/Poly – 5.23.19
  12. MADMADMAD – Gwarn [Stac Records]
  13. KUF – Feral [Macro]
  14. Beraadgeslagen – Bikini [W.E.R.F.]

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