Mixtape #157

An active and inventive band since the early 2000s, GaBLé craft music that bristles with a DIY spirit, unpredictability and joyful madness. After seven years, the French trio of Mathieu Hubert, Thomas Boullay and Gaëlle Jacqueline, returned earlier this year with PiCK THe WeaK, a new album which they composed and recorded over two years and is a testament to their singular musical universe, blending an array of instruments and genres with experimental sounds and playful charm. We're excited they put together this superb mix for us, curated entirely from their CD collection! Press play and dive into their kaleidoscopic sonic world of influences.

  1. Brigitte Fontaine – Les Petits Chevaux [Saravah]
  2. The Books – Vogt Dig For Kloppervok [Tomlab]
  3. Sonic Youth – Bull In The Heather [Geffen / DGC]
  4. Tortoise – Ten-Day Interval [Thrill Jockey / City Slang]
  5. cLOUDDEAD – The Keen Teen Skip [Big Dada Recordings / Mush]
  6. Aphex Twin – QKThr [Warp]
  7. Yo la Tengo – Damage [Matador]
  8. Powerdove – California [Murailles Music / Africantape]
  9. GaBLé – it makes sens [Figures libres records]
  10. Boby Lapointe – Aragon et Castille [Fontana / Mercury]
  11. Beck – Deadweight [Geffen]
  12. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Nelson Mandela
  13. Herman Düne – Fire [Prohibited Records / Atmosphériques]
  14. James Holden – Lump [Border Community]
  15. Barbara – Moi, Je Me Balance [Philips]
  16. Sloy – Pop [Roadrunner Records]
  17. Etienne Jaumet – Entropy [Domino/ Versatile Records]

James Holden unveils second single ‘Common Land’

Following the spellbinding and ecstatic ‘Contains Multitudes’, electronic maverick James Holden has shared a second single called ‘Common Land’. The track is lifted from Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities, his first record in nearly six years which arrives on March 31st through his own Border Community. Of ‘Common Land’, Holden comments:

“The title comes from the British Library bird recordings I wrote the track around, but obviously references the idea that all land is everyones and we are all born with the right to roam or rave on it. I think who and what is allowed on the land tells you a lot about how this place is run, and for who.

Personally I think anything a rich person claims as ‘theirs’ is stolen off the rest of us and there’s nowhere that’s more obvious than the English countryside. Imagine! – the state protects the right of these cretins to fence off thousands of acres for their barbaric hobbies while ancient traditions like communities coming together to get high and dance in the woods are criminalised!

Everything is upside down and we need to fix it.”

‘Common Land’ features Christopher Duffin on sax and it comes with an accompanying video made by Innerstrings. Watch it below.

James Holden returns with fourth album, Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities

Photo: Laura Lewis

Nearly six years on from the release of The Animal Spirits, electronic maverick James Holden is back with his fourth album. Entitled Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities, it arrives on March 31st through his own Border Community. “I wanted this to be my most open record, uncynical, naive, unguarded, the record teenage me wanted to make,” Holden said of the album. “I used to balance my clock-radio on a wardrobe to catch the faint pirate FM signals from the nearest city, dreaming of what raves would be like when I could finally escape and become a New Age traveller.”

Unlike the previous record that saw Holden assemble and perform for the first time accompanied by a full band, Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities is described as “more of a continuous sound collage, artfully juxtaposing audio worlds in his own inimitable manner”. Holden uses his own samples taken from recordings of his own performances on the modular synth, keyboard, organ, piano and even his childhood violin. The album also features guest contributions from members of the Animal Spirits live band, including drummer Tom Page, tabla-championing percussionist Camilo Tirado, multi-instrumentalist Marcus Hamblett and saxophonist Christopher Duffin.

Along with the album news, Holden has also shared lead single ‘Contains Multitudes’, a spellbinding and ecstatic track clocking at almost ten minute long . Speaking about it Holden comments:

“I’d been looking at John Stezaker’s collages, where things collide and it feels like it opens a window into them, thinking a lot about musical approaches to that idea, then the end part of this just appeared in my head as I listened to the loops of the beginning part. The two songs are opposite musics but also completely contained inside one another.”

Listen to ‘Contains Multitudes’ below.

Mario Batkovic set to release new album, Introspectio, in December

There’s exciting news from Bosnian-born and Swiss-based musician and composer Mario Batkovic, who is set to release a new album, following his eponymous album which was one of our Album Picks of 2017. Entitled Introspectio, the album arrives on December 3rd through Invada Records and features a stellar cast of collaborators, including electronic maverick James Holden, former BEAK> member Matthew Williams aka MXLX, sax super hero Colin Stetson, drummer Clive Deamer (Radiohead/Portishead/Robert Plant/Roni Size) and concert choir Cantus Domus.

A virtuoso accordion player, Batkovic continues to explore the sonic possibilities of his instrument in an adventurous and unconventional way. The album “is a self-questioning, self-examination of society and the meaning of sound”, describes the press release. “Batkovic questions the place of sound, clichés and prejudices, taking the listener on a journey through infinite universes of sound.”

Ahead of the album release, Batkovic has shared the first spellbinding single, ‘Chorea Duplex’, featuring James Holden. It comes with a video by Lukas Meier. Here it is.

Mixtape #115

Sourcing musical inspiration from far corners of the globe, Dijf Sanders creates rich compositions that embrace various cultures and genres. For his recent album, the ecstatic and exotic Puja, the Ghent based multi-instrumentalist and composer travelled to Nepal to absorb its sounds and compile field recordings. We asked him to put together this month's mixtape and we’re excited to unveil the splendid selection of tunes he picked and mixed for us. Press play and enjoy!

  1. Alice Coltrane – Journey in Satchidananda (feat. Pharoah Sanders) [UMG Recordings, Inc.]
  2. The Raincoats – Dancing in My Head [Rough Trade]
  3. Eden Ahbez – Eden’s Island [Del-Fi Records]
  4. Autechre – Pir [Warp]
  5. Moondog – Duet [Master Series, Inc.]
  6. Aphex Twin – Acrid Avid Jam Shred [Warp]
  7. Nuova Compagnia Di Canto Popolare – 2o Coro Delle Lavandaie [EMI]
  8. Squarepusher – Tommib [Warp]
  9. Köhn ‎- Goodbye Pluto [(K-RAA-K)³]
  10. Boards of Canada – Sixtyten [Warp]
  11. Beck – Blackhole [Geffen]
  12. Tarawangsawelas – Selalu [Morphine Records]
  13. James Holden – Renata [Border Community]
  14. Plastikman – Contain [NovaMute]
  15. Jean-Michel Jarre – Wooloomooloo [Disques Dreyfus / Polydor]