Superhuman Happiness unleash video for ‘Second Heart’

Superhuman Happiness - Second Heart

You probably already know that New York based septet Superhuman Happiness won us over a long time ago. Their debut album, Hands, released last March, is one of our Picks of the Year and we’ve been playing it again and again.

Superhuman Happiness have just put out the perfect visual accompaniment to ‘Second Heart’, one of the album’s outstanding and infectious tracks. As director┬áTatiana McCabe explained, the video for ‘Second Heart’ is based “around a psychedelic exploration of how love, perspective, and choices can color our lives”.

Hands is out now via The Royal Potato Family and Tummy Touch.

Mixtape #38

Star-studded collective Superhuman Happiness sent us this month's instalment all the way from Brooklyn, New York. The infectious rhythm and joyful energy we love them for resonates through the 17 tracks they handpicked for the mixtape. Press play and dance!


Superhuman Happiness unveil video for ‘Sentimental Pieces’

Superhuman Happiness - Sentimental Pieces

Hot on the heels of their recently released debut album Hands, Superhuman Happiness have just premiered a video to accompany ‘Sentimental Pieces’, directed by bandleader Stuart Bogie and featuring the band’s own crafty keyboardist Jared Samuel. Check it out below.

You can stream Hands in its entirety on soundcloud, and buy it on vinyl, CD or digitally via the Royal Potato Family.

Superhuman Happiness release fun-filled debut album

Superhuman HappinessYou probably know by now we have been highly anticipating the release of Hands, the debut album from New York based collective Superhuman Happiness. The wait is finally over and the septet’s album came out yesterday via The Royal Potato Family.

Hands, which takes its name from a series of hand-clapping games the band would play at the beginning of each rehearsal, is a joyful, vibrant, infectious and sexy album. A kaleidoscopic party is to be had listening to it.

We might soon be hearing more from Superhuman Happiness here on Cast the Dice. Before that, make sure you head over to Spinner where the full album is streaming, or buy it here. You’ll be listening to it again and again.