Mouse On Mars share second single ‘Foul Mouth’ from forthcoming album Dimensional People

After lifting the curtain on their new album, Dimensional People, and sharing the lead single ‘Dimensional People III‘ featuring Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Mouse On Mars are getting us even more excited. Ahead of the album’s release on April 13th through Thrill Jockey, the duo of Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner have dropped a celestial new track, ‘Foul Mouth’, featuring Amanda Blank and Zach Codon (Beirut). Listen to it below.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter drop second single from upcoming album Hormone Lemonade

We’re getting excitingly close to the release of Hormone Lemonade, the new album from treasured Berlin based trio Cavern Of Anti-Matter. Ahead of its release on March 23rd through Duophonic, and following the explosive and trance-inducing first single ‘Make Out Fade Out’, they have shared a delicious new track from the album, ‘Phase Modulation Shuffle’ and we can’t stop playing it. The trio’s mastermind Tim Gane wrote a few words about it:


“100 meter dash on a geiger counter stopwatch.
a bouncy castle in a solar wind.
morse code rock.
dead stringz on a midi banjo.
a dollop of skew-whiff pop.”

Take a listen to ‘Phase Modulation Shuffle’ now.

Debut album from YoshimiO / Susie Ibarra / Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe out now

Last Friday saw the release of Flower Of Sulphur, the debut album from three extraordinary musicians, multi-instrumentalist YoshimiO (Boredoms, OOIOO, SAICOBAB), avant-garde percussionist and composer Susie Ibarra, and multidisciplinary artist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens). Their heavenly collaboration took place in December 2016, when the trio performed together in New York and Flower Of Sulphur is a live recording of that improvised performance. Ibarra had this to say about it:


“We had all performed in different configurations before but never together as a trio. I think actually I have met each YoshimiO and Robert at different times when collaborating on larger works with Tarek Atoui. But we had not performed together as trio. I was very happy with the prospect to play a trio concert, as I could imagine the sonic palette could be very interesting, being that we each come from different aesthetic backgrounds but enjoy crossing into various sonic territories.”

The trio have hinted at more live performances this year so fingers crossed for European dates to be added. Now listen to the album’s incredible opening track ‘Aaa’.

Flower Of Sulphur is out now on Thrill Jockey.

Emily Hall announces new album Life Cycle

There’s wonderful news from British composer Emily Hall who is releasing the live recordings of Life Cycle, the song cycle she wrote in 2010 with writer Toby Litt. Reflecting on the theme of motherhood and drawing from collective experiences, including Hall’s own one as a mother, her song cycle narrates the story of a couple who first have a stillborn child but end up conceiving again and becoming parents. Presented trough the eyes of the woman, the story addresses and encompasses the different emotions and stages of a mother’s journey. In Life Cycle, and as the press release describes, “exquisitely simple melodies and hard-edged lyrics bring to life the anxiety and impatience of pregnancy; the shadow of loss; the joy of birth; sleep deprivation and the wonder of watching a baby grow”.

To get you enticed for the release of Life Cycle, listen to the gorgeous and poignant ‘I Am Alone’ below.

To coincide with International Women’s Day, Life Cycle is out on March 8th through Bedroom Community.

Mouse on Mars’ new album Dimensional People out this Spring

It seems that every six years, the astral body that is Mouse on Mars comes close enough to earth to drop a full-length album. We are about to witness one of those events with a new album arriving this spring, following 2012’s Parastrophic and 2006’s Varcharz. Entitled Dimensional People, it saw the duo of Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner team up with a stellar cast of contributors, including Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Zach Condon of Beirut, Spank Rock, Aaron and Bryce Dessner and Lisa Hannigan, amongst many more.

The record, and as the press release describes, “reveals them working deep within their own vernacular, digging into fertile terrain of their inexhaustible vault of digital and acoustic experimentation, and charismatically making elemental components new again”. Inspired by Chicago footwork, Dimensional People “is a conceptual puzzle composed around one harmonic spectrum within one rhythmic scheme, mostly in the tempo of 145bpm.”

The album is set for release on April 13th through Thrill Jockey and Mouse on Mars have already shared a first taste of it, ‘Dimensional People Part III’. Take a listen now.

Suuns preview upcoming album with new single ‘Make It Real’

After sharing ‘Watch You, Watch Me’, Suuns are giving us another excellent reason to be excited for their upcoming album, Felt, with its second single, ‘Make It Real’. “Here, we’re all playing in ways that are counter-intuitive for us as a band, organic drums, major keys, but as long as it works, we’ll take it,” explained the quartet’s drummer Liam O’Neill. “It used to have a chorus too, but we thought it would be more interesting to have this song be almost entirely linear – an asymmetrical progression that grows upwards and then repeats. The infinity feeling.”

‘Make It Real’ comes with a video directed by Sabrina Ratté, who had this to say about it:

“When I first listened to ‘Make it Real,’ I immediately visualized pop and colorful imageries. I revisited Superstudio and Archigram’s utopian architecture, which became my main inspiration for this video. This project was also the opportunity to experiment further with some of my personal techniques where I map photographs (or in this case video of the band) onto 3D structures. I’ve worked with Suuns on a previous music video about five years ago, and did many visuals for them in live settings.”

Watch the video below and watch out for the release of Felt on March 2nd through Secretly Canadian.

In support of the new album, and following a few shows in Canada and in the US at Big Ears right after the release of Felt, Suuns are returning to Europe in late March for several live shows including at London’s Scala on April 5th. Check all their stops here.