Steiger share first single off upcoming album, The New Lady Llama

We’ve been eagerly waiting for a full-length album from Steiger, after they took us by storm with their collaborative Brick Smoke Basement EP released last November. The Ghent trio of Gilles Vandecaveye, Kobe Boon and Simon Raman have now lifted the lid on its follow up, The New Lady Llama. Through composition and improvisation, Steiger continue to explore the outer margins of jazz as well as disparate territories and influences from contemporary music to electronica and pop, “yet remain faithful to the genre’s long-standing core principle; that of a flexible transformation”, as the press release describes.

We’ll have to wait until April 9th for The New Lady Llama to be out through Sdban Ultra but Steiger have already shared an astounding taste off it, ‘Lambda’. We’ve been playing it over and over again and if the single is anything to go by, we are in for a treat.

Watch Barra Brown’s video for second single ‘NOAH’ ft. Noah Simpson

Having been busy the last few years with his acoustic jazz band, Barra Brown Quintet, and as one half of beat-making duo Korgy & Bass, Barra Brown has unleashed his long awaited debut solo album, LFT:RT. After teasing the album last month with ‘Woah Hey!’ featuring Tree Palmedo, the producer and percussionist continues to capture our attention with new single ‘NOAH’ featuring Noah Simpson on trumpet. Speaking about the track, Brown commented:

“This track took some time to form. My friend Noah Simpson came over one day to record some ideas he had: an A section and a B section. I worked on it a bit, but Noah wasn’t sold on his melody. I was! The song had potential, but we never met again to record new parts. After some production and adding a new section, the track really came to life! It’s amazing what came to be from two trumpet ideas.”

‘NOAH’ serves as yet another testament to Brown’s artistic brilliance and versatility, and is offered with a striking video directed and produced by artist collective Stranger Liquids. Watch it below.

LFT:RT is out on March 5th through Cavity Search Records.

Sarah Neufeld announces third album Detritus, shares first single ‘Stories’

Sarah Neufeld has been a favourite of ours for a long time, first conquering our ears with her 2013 beguiling debut album Hero Brother. With two magnificent solo albums under her belt, and a staggering collaborative album with Colin Stetson, the extraordinary composer and violinist is ready to dazzle us again with her eagerly anticipated third full-length album arriving this May. Entitled Detritus, the album stems from a collaboration initiated in 2015 with dancer/choreographer Peggy Baker. The partnership carried on and saw Neufeld performing and composing to Baker’s choreography, and heading on tour in February 2019. Neufeld felt like this live performance music could take another form, “as a distilled set of songs, refined and developed beyond the versions performed on stage”, as the press release explains, and started working on arranging the material that summer. To help her bring the album to life, she invited her Arcade Fire bandmate Jeremy Gara, Bell Orchestre bandmate Pietro Amato and Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Stuart Bogie. Neufeld commented on the tracks that make up Detritus:

“I was inspired by both a sense of interior aloneness, and a sense of deep intimacy. Within both, a profound questioning of identity and intention, and ultimately, a grieving over one’s former sense of self. The stories we’ve told ourselves that we can no longer believe. Nestled within deep layers of comfort, familiarity, and solace, I’m able to repeat myself again and again, never learning, never looking back. Simultaneously becoming wiser and more ignorant as the years wind on, beauty and grace exist even here, in this rift.”

Detritus will see the light of day on May 14th through Paper Bag Records in North America and One Little Independent Records in the rest of the world and ahead of it Neufeld has shared the poignant and beautiful opening track, ‘Stories’. The single comes with a visual accompaniment made by Jeremy Mimnagh.

New Elephant9’s album, Arrival Of The New Elders, out this month

Norwegian powerhouse trio Elephant9 are ready to release a new album later this month, following two double live albums released in 2019. Entitled Arrival Of The New Elders, the new album arrives on February 26th through Rune Grammofon. Described “as groovy as ever”, the album is also reportedly “more structured and less jam oriented”. For a dazzling taste of what to expect, listen to the first single ‘Rite Of Accession’.

Joseph Shabason announces new album, The Fellowship, and shares video for title track

There’s always a sense of anticipation at the news of a new album from Joseph Shabason, so we are thrilled to know he has a new record on the way. Entitled The Fellowship, the album is an emotive and immersive instrumental autobiography capturing and processing life memories, emotions and experiences spanning three generations. On the album, and as the press release describes, the talented composer and multi-instrumentalist “sketches an auditory map of the transcendence, unity, conditioning, and eventual renunciation of his upbringing in an Islamic and Jewish dual-faith household.” Informed by ambient and new-age driven jazz, Shabason composed a powerful and intimate record of staggering beauty intended for long listens.

The Fellowship arrives on April 30th through Western Vinyl and Telephone Explosion Records and ahead of it, Shabason is enticing us with the title track. “This song represents the golden years when they bought their first farm house and me and my sister were born”, Shabason explained, adding, “They had joined The Fellowship and found the spiritual meaning that had been lacking for the first 30 years of their lives. They had new children and they were going to raise them and support them in all the ways that their parents couldn’t.” ‘The Fellowship’ comes with a video accompaniment directed by Maxwell McCabe-Lokos. Watch it below.

Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter set to release collaborative album Anticipation

Photo: Mark Lewis

Anticipation is the collaborative instrumental album that brings together two young and brilliant Texan guitarists, Cameron Knowler and Eli Winter. Inspired by a trip through the desert on the Texas-Mexico border, Anticipation, as the press release explains, “document[s] a musical juncture between desert and city, Chicago and the Southwest, folk traditions and America’s musical avant-garde.” Knowler and Winter recorded most of the album over the course of one nine-hour session, with several recordings being first takes.

We´ll have to wait until March 12th for Anticipation to be out through American Dreams Records but Knowler and Winter have already let loose its gorgeous opener, ‘Strawberry Milk’. The single comes paired with a video, filmed and edited by Knowler.